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Bald class: 2

I'm a 33 year old guy who always had super thick hair. I even remember being in high school…

Mike Vories, MD Procedure 1 reviewed by Eli81
Dr. Mike Vories, MD
Bald class: 2

I first started noticing that my hairline seemed to be receding when I was around 26/27 years…

Parsa Mohebi, M.D Procedure 1 reviewed by pkipling
Dr. Parsa Mohebi, M.D
Bald class: 5

My eyebrow hair had thinned over the last 10 years to the point where there was almost none…

Dr. Jean Devroye Procedure 1 reviewed by erebos
Dr. Dr. Jean Devroye
Bald class: 2

Here's my whole journey through three hair transplants and a fourth to come. First transplant…

Parsa Mohebi, M.D Procedure 1 reviewed by Beating-Hairloss
Dr. Parsa Mohebi, M.D
Bald class: 3V

I did start thinning my hair when I was about 20 and I remember my friends telling me not to…

Raymond Konior, MD. Procedure 1 reviewed by phantom777
Dr. Raymond Konior, MD.
Bald class: 3V

Began losing my hair at about 25 years old. Got worse until I was 27 then i started taking…

Raymond Konior, MD. Procedure 1 reviewed by therambler
Dr. Raymond Konior, MD.
Bald class: 4A

Hello  I am currently a 26 year old male. Today, 6/10/2014, I am about a NW 4 scale of…

Dr. John Diep Procedure 1 reviewed by PP2
Dr. Dr. John Diep
Bald class: 3A

I've always had a relatively big/prominent forehead and have experienced male pattern baldness…

Robert H. True, M.D., ABHRS Procedure 1 reviewed by Dr.MoreHair
Dr. Robert H. True, M.D., ABHRS
Bald class: 2A

I first noticed thinning in my mid 20's.  I had very thick hair all my life so glimpses of a…

H Rahal, MD Procedure 1 reviewed by Canuck
Dr. H Rahal, MD
Bald class: 5

Like many men I began experiencing hair loss in my 30's. I had typical male pattern baldness…

Mike Vories, MD Procedure 1 reviewed by JohnCasper
Dr. Mike Vories, MD
Bald class: 3

My hairloss began at the age of 18 when I started to be going bald at the temples.…

Bijan Feriduni, MD Procedure 1 reviewed by Remo
Dr. Bijan Feriduni, MD
Bald class: III

I have been struggling with hair loss since 2008 and by 2011, all my hair on the top of head…

Glenn Charles, D.O. Procedure 1 reviewed by Sams
Dr. Glenn Charles, D.O.