How we select the hair restoration physicians recommended on this site

How we select the hair restoration physicians recommended on this site

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It's tough deciding which hair restoration physician to choose as their skill, talent, and experience vary widely, as do the end results.

The physicians who we recommend have been carefully reviewed by this patient community and by those physicians who are already recommended.

This online community was begun in 1999 by a hair transplant patient to help other hair loss sufferers share information and select physicians who provide safe and natural results. Learn more about how our patient founded and run community. 

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The Review and Recommendation Process:

When a properly credentialed, experienced and respected hair restoration physician, with a track record of excellent patient results, is considered for recommendation they must provide their credentials, surgical photos and patient results to those managing our community.

The thousands of patient reviews shared on our discussion community are also carefully reviewed and evaluated. In many cases, the physician’s clinic is visited and their surgical techniques and process are reviewed and documented.

This extensive documentation is then publicly presented on our popular discussion forum. The members of our community and our current recommended physicians are then invited to review this information and comment on it publicly.

If our community reaches a consensus that a physician meets our high standards for performing follicular unit hair transplantation (FUE and Strip procedures) with excellent results and high patient satisfaction, the physician is approved for recommendation.

Their recommendation is continued as long as they continue to show evidence of excellent patient results and satisfaction. If a patient expresses concerns, physicians are expected to resolve their concerns. We ask that patients first contact a physician with any concerns to give them an opportunity to resolve them before publicly posting.

To support the costs of operating and promoting our community the physician contributes a monthly fee to sponsor this community.

Note - The hair restoration physicians recommended on this site are not a definitive list of all excellent hair transplant doctors. Nor do we warranty or guaranty the results of any of the physicians presented on this site. As always, we encourage you to do your due diligence in evaluating these and all hair loss physicians.

Coalition Physicians members

Coalition Physicians members - meeting an even higher standard.

As follicular unit hair transplantation has evolved into “Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation”, grafts have become smaller enabling physicians to insert them into smaller and less evasive micro incisions. These smaller incisions can then be made closer together enabling the physician and staff to “dense pack” the grafts to give the patient more density (thickness) in only one surgical session.

Some of the more advanced clinics have also cultivated technician staffs that can safely create and place over 3,000 ultra refined grafts in only one session. This enables patients, when appropriate, to get relocate large amounts of hair in dense concentrations in only one surgical session.

Those recommended physicians and staff who developed their capability to do large sessions of “Ultra Refined” Follicular Units (3,000 plus) in one session with consistent success are then qualified for membership in the elite Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians. This premiere group continues to set the highest standards in the profession and its members are typically the leading teachers and innovators in the field.

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Specific Recommendation Criteria:

  • Demonstrated proficiency and commitment to performing high quality follicular unit hair transplantation.
  • Dedication to doing state of the art hair transplantation exclusively or at least as the main specialty of the clinic.
  • Excellent patient results demonstrating a high level of artistry and naturalness throughout, as well as excellent growth rates.
  • Reputation of the physician amongst colleagues and former patients.
  • Length of time the physician has been performing hair transplantation.
  • Medical training, depth of background, board certifications, honors, credentials, lectures, and published articles and books.
  • Value - as determined by quality and pricing taken together.

Members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physician are required to meet the following additional criteria:

  • A demonstrated capability to successfully perform large sessions of ultra refined follicular unit grafting using tiny incisions and grafts that are microscopically prepared.
  • The ability to dense pack tiny follicular unit grafts in a given area when appropriate.
  • Mastery and control of the orientation and direction of the transplanted grafts to achieve a completely natural appearance.

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