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1 hair transplant session, 1968 grafts

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Propecia, Rogaine

My Hair Loss Story

I wanted to share my experience that I had with Dr. Ricardo Mejia of Jupiter Dermatology and Hair Restoration in Jupiter, Florida. I am a professional speaker and author, so my appearance is obviously pretty important to me. I picked Dr. Mejia after consulting with at least four surgeons prior to meeting him. As soon as I walked into his office, I knew I was in the right place. Comfortable, professional, no high pressure techniques, etc. Dr. Mejia personally did the consult and answered every one of my questions - no rush whatsoever. The hair transplant surgery went well. I received 1968 FU. I went in for several post op visits and Dr. Mejia personally saw me at each one. I just saw him at the one year point and we are both very happy with the results that were achieved. We looked at all of the pictures that were taken along the way and I could not believe the difference. Not only is Dr. Mejia a masterful surgeon, but he is a human being who genuinely cares about his patients. If I ever decide that I would benefit from a second procedure, I will definitely return to see Dr. Mejia. I would also be happy to answer any questions about Dr. Mejia on this forum. Please check back as I will be posting pictures very soon.