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Dr. Mejia



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First off, Dr. Mejia and his staff were wonderful, for a lot of reasons. I agreed to pay $9,500 for 3,000 grafts; they stayed longer and put in every available graft (3,344) at no extra charge, and the doc was there for much of it, but I trust his staff was about as capable as they could possibly be. They clearly respected him -- and vice versa. He came in occasionally to give some direction and check on the progress and then finished up the frontal hairline himself.
Beyond all that, early on Dr. Mejia not only responded personally to all of my communications, but he gave me his personal cell phone number. I even called him with concerns a couple of times before the procedure -- once when it was kinda late on a Friday night, and he was very gracious nonetheless. He seems to genuinely enjoy talking about HTs with his patients. And, except for details such as scheduling and coordinating things like blood work and meds, I have never had to deal with a "patient representative" -- always the doc personally.
In fact, after reading that Falc guy's comment at left about "nice coverage but minimal density" I emailed Dr. Mejia expressing that I was disturbed by such a statement, and he called me personally. He told me what I already knew: I had a good one-session number of grafts and I will be very happy with the results. Will it be "maximum density"? No. That is something that might come with multiple procedures and lots more grafts, but he didn't think I would need to do that.
Well, I agree with him; I'm not that obsessed. I don't expect to become a "hair junkie" always planning my next procedure. Ain't gonna happen.
I'm sure once I get past this ugly duckling phase and the folicles that are there start to grow, all will be fine -- including the density, as it will be a huge improvement over what I had before, and really, what I was expecting going into this.
There is a lot of promotion of certain doctors on this forum -- for good reason, as they're no doubt excellent at what they do -- but IMHO, I don't know how you can do better than Dr. Mejia.

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Propecia daily and liquid generic Rogaine from Wal-Mart.

My Hair Loss Story

I'm now 52. Gradual, slow hair loss since age 24 or around there. I always knew I would lose my hair eventually and it really accelerated about eight or nine years ago. I started looking in to the HT thing, went through the MHR sales rush, blew them off (geez, leave me alone, for crying out loud -- your prices are too high and all I get to talk to is a salesman?), and settled on Dr. Ricardo Mejia in Juptiter. Good decision -- at least, so far. We'll see how it all turns out, but I expect the best. 

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

Honestly, I've gone through periods where I question my decision to do this. Wearing a hat all the time in public and at work kinda blows. Anyone considering this procedure needs to be aware of the awkward period for three months-plus afterward. I don't think I was fully prepared for it, even though I thought I was.

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

I wear a hat waiting for the redness to go away. Once the redness goes away and the hair grows, it will be something I look back and laugh about. Maybe.