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FUT/Strip and FUE: Delivering The Best Results When Used Together

9/14/2017 1:22:34 PM

FUE has become way more popular in the last couple of years, largely because of its ability to eliminate the linear scar associated with what people incorrectly call FUT surgery. For starters, it is incorrect to compare FUT and FUE because FUT actually is FUE. This may sound like nonsense, but here's the deal.

FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) and FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) are two donor harvesting techniques used in an FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) procedure. FUT covers both donor harvesting techniques because both techniques harvest folllicular units. FUE and FUSS are actually only half of an FUT procedure. The other half involves placing follicular units gently into tiny incisions in the balding area made by the doctor. Click "What is Follicular unit excision (formerly known as follicular unit extraction)" to learn more.

Many educated patients and top hair transplant surgeons feel differently about the benefits and limitations of FUE and still to this day, wrongfully compare one donor extraction technique against the other instead of allowing both to work in harmony for the benefit of the patient.

To discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both FUSS and FUE, visit "Why FUE Has Become Increasingly Popular" on our discussion forum that's been discussed on and off for years. Also, visit "FUT vs FUE vs Neither" posted by a member considering his options.

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