Should You Transplant the Hairline or Crown First?

Should You Transplant the Hairline or Crown First?

By Melvin Lopez
Created Friday, April 26, 2024 - 20:17

Co-Publisher and Forum Moderator for the Hair Transplant Network

The choice between transplanting the hairline or the crown depends on individual factors like hair loss patterns, desired results, and personal preferences. Here's a breakdown to help guide your decision:

  • Hairline Transplant:
    • It is ideal for individuals with receding hairlines or thinning in the front.
    • Typically, it involves creating a new hairline or restoring a natural look.
    • It offers a significant aesthetic impact as it frames the face.
    • Common among those who prefer a more noticeable improvement in their appearance.
    • It can require precise artistry to achieve a natural result.
  • Crown Transplant:
    • It is best for those experiencing hair thinning or baldness at the crown (top-back of the head).
    • Generally less visible than the hairline but still significant for overall hair density.
    • It requires a different technique since hair naturally spirals in the crown area. 
    • Typically, the impact on appearance is subtle but can contribute to overall fullness.


Degree of Hair Loss: If you have significant hair loss at the front, hairline transplants can dramatically improve. If the crown is your primary concern, a transplant in that area could be more beneficial.

Goals: Decide whether your priority is to restore the hairline for facial framing or to add density to the crown for overall fullness.

Donor Hair Availability: Depending on the donor hair's density and quality, you might have to choose between focusing on one area or addressing both. Sometimes, a staged approach is necessary.

Cost: The expense varies based on the technique, clinic, and extent of the transplant. Determine which provides the best value for your goals.

For the best advice, go to the Hair Restoration Network, a hair loss forum created by patients for patients. The Hair Restoration Network has thousands of genuine patient reviews and the most extensive before-and-after gallery on the web, which dates back to 2001. You can also consult with a world-renowned hair transplant surgeon for expert advice and suggestions,