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Can You Trust Your Hair Transplant Surgeon? Evaluating Hair Growth Yield

8/10/2017 10:12:35 AM

Hair transplant patients have to put a lot of trust in their surgeon who is ultimately working on their scalp all day to deliver what they promised - a certain number of hair follicles (called grafts) that is optimal in providing a full and dense looking head of hair. And since most hair transplant surgeons charge per graft, each patient ultimately trusts that teir physician is transplanting the exact number they're paying for. So how do patient's know for sure they're getting what they've paid for?

Unfortunately, unless patients bring someone along to count each graft under magnification, double checking they're getting the exact number they're paying for is almost impossible. After all, counting each graft going into your scalp isn't very practical and it's nearly impossible to count them afterwards.

Since double checking your hair doctor isn't really doable, selecting a physician based on their reputation amongst their peers and patients is vital. That's why the Hair Transplant Network created demanding standards and holds recommended hair restoration physicians accountable for their actions online.

Our hair restoration discussion forum is a platform for patients to share their genuine experiences, results and concerns. While knowing for sure you've gotten the exact number of grafts you've paid for is virtually impossible, if transplanting fewer grafts was common practice for a physician, it is likely that concerns would be reported by patients. Thus, men and women suffering from hair loss are encouraged to research all physicians they are considering for hair transplant surgery on our hair transplant forum.

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