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Can I Get a Refund For My Hair Transplant Procedure?

6/27/2017 8:28:02 AM

While today's modern hair transplant surgery comes with an ultra-high success rate in the hands of a quality hair restoration physician, all surgery comes with the potential of risks, potential problems and the possibility of subpar growth. In cases like this, patients often wonder how they will be compensated and if their doctor will at least in some way, stand behind their work. But do hair transplant surgeons provide full refunds in cases of less than optimal growth?

Quality hair transplant surgeons have a much higher success rate than less experienced surgeons. A hair transplant patient needs to know and understand that there are always risks of unknown variables that could interfere with the success of the surgery.

No surgeon will bat a 1000, but surgeons recommended on the Hair Transplant Network are held to a high standard and will stand by their patients. This does not necessarily mean patients will get a refund in the event of a problem. But in many cases, surgeons will replace the grafts that did not grow for free and work to rectify any problem that occurred during or after hair restoration free of charge. Patients are encouraged to work with their doctors and vice versa to ensure they are happy with the procedure and their results.

In my opinion, it is highly important to discuss all your "what if" conditional questions with the hair loss doctor before undergoing surgery. That way, there are no questions if in the rare case, something goes wrong.

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