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Restoring Real Hair with Today's Hair Restoration Surgery

3/6/2017 4:58:32 AM

You may have heard the old offensive terms "doll hairs" or even "corn rows" when it comes to hair transplantation.  These phrases describe old school hair transplants and if you've heard it directed towards you or someone else, it definitely was not meant to be a compliment.  Thankfully, the days of the old hair plugs are long gone, that is, assuming you select a state of the art hair transplant surgeon such as those recommended on the Hair Transplant Network.  But just because hair looks and feels natural, is it actually real hair growing from your former bald looking scalp?  How do you maintain transplanted hair?  Does anything special have to be done?

Today's hair transplants are truly natural looking and virtually undetectable, even by your hair stylist.  And the best part is - it's REAL hair!  A naturally growing hair transplant requires no special treatment.  It grows, it can be cut and it can be styled. 

Bill, tThe managing publisher of this community started wearing a hat to conceal his hair loss from even his family and dearest friends.  Simply put, he hated that he was losing his hair.  But after finding a few expert hair restoration physicians recommended by this community, he decided hair transplant surgery was the way to go. 

After a couple procedures, Bill retired his hat and when Bill showed some of his closest friends pictures of his balding scalp prior to surgery, they couldn't believe how much hair he lost.  Bill concealed his hair loss well but today, is highly confident in his lustrous locked and short of only what appears to be a nominal amount of thinning in the crown area, most people think he's just really lucky not to have lost any hair.

Those considering surgical hair restoration to restore hair to balding areas are encouraged to research the procedure and all physicians they are considering.  Research physicians and ask your questions by visiting our hair restoration discussion forum.  See also our list of recommended hair transplant surgeons and our standards for recommendation.

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