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When Is It Safe to Walk or Run after Hair Transplant Surgery?

11/15/2016 7:50:05 PM


How long after an FUT procedure would it be safe to walk daily on a treadmill for 1+ hours? Is working up a sweat by walking and not via strenuous exercise safe shortly after the suture removal?

How long until it is safe to resume running?


Opinions vary on exercise after hair transplant surgery and it's always best to follow the advice of your hair restoration physician.

With follicular unit strip surgery, the main concern is not to put stress on the donor scar. You need to avoid touching your chin to your chest or otherwise stressing the donor area for the first few months in order to avoid scar stretching. Barring that, it's generally considered ok to engage in mild physical activity like walking after the first couple of days.

I'm a fan of erring on the side of caution and personally feel it's best to wait a full two weeks before working up a sweat.

Here's a detailed response to a similar question by Coalition Hair Restoration Physician Dr. Paul Shapiro published on our Hair Loss Q&A Blog that you might find useful.

When it’s Ok to Exercise After a Hair Transplant

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