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Is Hair Transplant surgery Worth It? ​New Hair Vs. New Car

7/11/2016 10:41:17 AM

Today's modern hair transplant surgery can transform the average bald man into a chia pet.  However, the cost of the procedure, especially when multiple surgeries are required to meet one's goals can be a huge deterrent for some people.  Depending perspective however, one might choose to restore their lustrous locks and forego that new car they've been excited about purchasing.

Unless money happens to grow on the trees in your backyard, more often than not, people are forced to give up something in order to acquire what they really want.  So which do you prefer?  A new car or a nice full head of hair?

The average hair transplant costs around $7000 to $10000.  However, men (or women) with advanced balding and exceptional donor hair may need to spent a bit more in order to achieve the beautiful head of hair they so desperately want and deserve.  Hair transplant surgery is an elective procedure and undergoing surgery is a matter of how much you really want it.  Are you willing to give up that next purchase to restore your hair?

When considering whether or not sacrificing your next big purchase for a full looking head of hair, making a pros and cons list can be beneficial.  The nice thing about a hair transplant is that it's a lifetime investment.  When done right, hair transplant surgery can take 10 plus years off of your physical appearance making you look younger, potentially more physically attractive and most importantly more confident and secure in yourself. 

If you are considering hair transplant surgery and don't know whether or not to take the plunge, visit our hair restoration discussion forum and learn from real patients whether or not it was worth it for them.

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