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​How Hair Transplants Hold Up in the Real World

6/20/2016 12:18:51 PM

When done right today's modern hair transplant procedures are undetectable, so much in fact that even hairstylists and other hair professionals wouldn't recognize one.  However, how do they hold up in the real world?  How does a hair transplant result look when wet or after excessive sweating after a workout?  What about when your significant other runs their fingers through your hair?

Transplanted hair looks and grows just like natural hair.  Because it is real hair, it's permanently secured to the scalp by its root and thus, a hair transplant result can hold up under almost all conditions.  Wet hair however, has a tendency to appear thinner because it naturally clumps together.  Furthermore, because donor hair is limited, the density of a hair transplant is typically only half or less than that of natural hair.  As a result, transplanted hair may appear a little thin when wet such as when coming out of a swimming pool.  However, even the toughest critic will most likely assume your hair is mildly thinning under those conditions rather than assuming it's a hair transplant.

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Bill Seemiller - Publisher