Dr. Sergio Camacho consistently performs quality follicular unit grafting with dense and natural results in Bogota, Colombia. Dr. Camacho's services are affordable without compromising quality.

Dr.  Sergio Camacho is an expert in performing hair transplant surgery, specifically FUE. He's regarded as one of South America's best hair transplant surgeons. His results are dense-packed with grafts and natural, and he achieves these results consistently. 

Dr. Sergio Camacho has built an excellent reputation online and among his patients for providing dense and natural results without damaging the donor area. He emphasizes donor management to ensure patients can wear their hair short without any signs of surgery. His masterfully trained staff of technicians and nurses have over a decade of experience. 

Why Dr. Sergio Camacho is Recommended 

Dr. Camacho has performed hair transplant surgery exclusively in his practice since 2005. Every surgical step is performed by a surgeon, Dr. Sergio Camacho, and Dr. Paola Pareja, including extracting grafts, creating recipient sites, and implanting the grafts. Dr. Camacho uses the Mamba Trivellini system for harvesting grafts and the Lion implanter pen to implant the grafts. Dr. Camacho alternates between pre-made incisions and direct hair implantation (DHI), depending on the patient's scalp elasticity. 

Dr. Camacho is a hands-on surgeon. Dr. Camacho performs one surgery per day. His team of experienced and trained technicians and nurses have over a decade of experience. They assist in non-surgical steps, such as preparing the operating room, counting, and sorting grafts, loading implanter pens, and assisting patients with post-operative care. Every single graft is sorted under stereoscopic microscopes. Dr. Camacho consults with every patient and plans and designs every procedure. Dr. Paola Pareja assists Dr. Camacho in extracting grafts under his supervision. 

Dr. Camacho prefers a conservative approach with donor management at the top of his priorities. Preserving the donor is a must in his practice. Dr. Camacho does not exceed 3,000 grafts per day to avoid fatigue and to manage the donor appropriately. If more grafts are required, he will extend the surgery to the next day or possibly the next year to ensure the donor isn't overharvested and anesthesia is limited. 

 Dr. Sergio Camacho graduated from medical school at Universidad El Bosque in Bogota Colombia in 1990. Dr. Camacho completed a one-year internship at Boston's Children's Hospital- Harvard Medical School. Dr. Camacho returned to Colombia and worked as a physician in the Colombian army. Dr. Camacho transitioned into trauma surgery at Masson Hospital in Bogota, Colombia. 

 Dr. Camacho returned to the US and trained as a hair transplant surgeon at the Medical Hair Restoration (MHR) clinic from 2002 to 2005. In 2005, he returned to Colombia and opened his clinic, the first clinic in Colombia to perform hair transplants exclusively. Dr. Camacho performed strip surgery and FUE until 2015. He has mainly performed FUE at his clinic since 2015. However, he can and will perform FUT when it suits the patient. 

Dr. Camacho is a member of the World FUE Institute and the international society of hair restoration surgeons (ISHRS). He is dedicated to learning, innovating, honing his surgical skill and technique, and investing in the latest technology. He has attended numerous conferences over the last two decades, including the 2022, 2019, and 2017 World FUE workshops. He has attended 8 ISHRS world congress meetings since 2007 and has been a member ever since.

Patient Gallery

Male - 2 sessions

Bald class: 4

Bogota Hairlines - BYE BYE Hair system, 2 surgeries 4425 grafts, Dr Sergio Camacho

Male - 1 sessions

Bald class: 3

Bogota Hairlines - 1721 Grafts - Dr Sergio Camacho (Afro Hair)

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Bald class: 3V

Bogota Hairlines - 3093 Grafts - Dr Sergio Camacho (Harsh Light)

Patient discussions

Bogota Hairlines - 3024 Grafts - Dr Paola Pareja & Gina Carranza (Wet hair results)

Bogota Hairlines - 3024 Grafts - Dr Paola Pareja & Gina Carranza (Wet hair results)

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Bogota Hairlines - 2694 Grafts Dr Sergio Camacho & Gina Carranza

Bogota Hairlines - 2694 Grafts Dr Sergio Camacho & Gina Carranza

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