Bogota Hairlines - 1721 Grafts - Dr Sergio Camacho (Afro Hair)

Procedure detail

The surgery was led by Dr. Sergio Camacho with The assistance  of Dr. Paola Pareja 
Total number of FU: 1721 with the breakdown of  1 hair - 600 2 hair 1021 3 hair 100

Method: FUE

Extraction: Mamba Trivellini Motorized device  0.9mm Edge out Performed by  Dr. Paola Pareja
Pre-made incisions:  Performed by Dr. Sergio Camacho, size range 0.8mm for thick 1 hair grafts and 0.9mm 20G for the multiples.
Implantation: Performed both by Dr. Camacho and Dr. Pareja using Lion Implanter pen size range 0.64mm to 0.9mm

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Bald class

Bald class 3

Norwood class 3

The earliest stage of male hair loss. It is characterized by a deepening temporal recession.

Before and After Results


Graft Placement

1.5 Months

4 Months

7 Months

12 Months