Bogota Hairlines - BYE BYE Hair system, 2 surgeries 4425 grafts, Dr Sergio Camacho

Procedure detail


1) This patient from the united states was 33 at the time of the first surgery and was wearing a hair system for about 13 years.

2) It was extremely important for the patient to have a subtle transition away from the hair system without any of his friends and coworkers noticing he had surgery done at any point. 

3) Dr. Camacho's proposal was to achieve this with 2 FUE surgeries in 2 consecutive years. 

4) Surgery number 1 was to "Lay the foundation".  Partly shaving the donor area into 2 sections in a way that the long hairs above will cover the extracted area. This technique limited the number of grafts that were possible to extract to 2036 but was enough to get rid of the hair system and lay the foundations for the second surgery.

5) After the initial 2-3 week recovery period the patient went back to work wearing the hair system with clips attached to his native long hairs. This allowed him to look the same as before surgery while going through the dormant phase.

6) The patient was extremely committed to medication using minoxidil x2 a day and Finasteride 1mg daily.

7) After about 6 months the patient threw away the hair system.

8 ) Surgery number 2  was to reshape the hairline and improve density. This time the entire donor area was shaved for extraction while the recipient area was not. This allowed the extraction of 2389 grafts which were placed cautiously using Implanter pens directly without pre-made incisions. There was also some crown work improvement done but that was very minimal due to the risk of damaging existing hairs. 

9) The patient was still able to disguise the grafted area using his existing long hairs. No one noticed he had anything done.

10) 12 months after the second surgery we are proud to show these results and more importantly get incredible feedback from this patient who deemed it "Mission Complete"



Both surgeries were Led by Dr. Sergio Camacho with the assistance of Dr. Paola Pareja with our usual protocol for extraction using Mamba Trivellini motorized device and Lion Implanters for implantation. 

Surgery number 1  2036 FU With the Breakdown of 1 Hair 536 2 hair 1300 3 hair 200

Plan: A conservative re-creation of the hairline with some temple work. 

Surgery number 3 2389 FU With the Breakdown of 1 Hair 630 2 hair 1500 3 hair 259

Plan: Reshape the hairline, density improvement, temple improvement, and minimum crown work. 


Medication: Extremely committed patient with x2 daily minoxidil 5% and 1mg finasteride daily. 

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Bald class

Bald class 4

Norwood class 4

Characterized by further frontal hair loss and enlargement of vertex, but there is still a solid band of hair across the top (mid-scalp) separating front and vertex.

Before and After Results

Graft Placement 2036 GRAFTS

Placement top down 2036 GRAFTS

1 Month

12 Months 2036 GRAFTS First Surgery

Graft Placement Second Surgery 2389 GRAFTS

Graft Placement side 2389 GRAFTS

1 Month Second Surgery

9 Months 2nd Surgery 2389 Grafts

11 Months 2389 GRAFTS

12 Months 2389 GRAFTS 2nd surgery