Topical Hair Loss Cover Ups

Topical Hair Loss Cover Ups

Topical coverups

Disguising thinning areas and adding fullness.

There are a variety of “cover-up” products that are applied to the scalp and/or hair in the thinning areas to mask a person’s baldness. The cover ups also increase the look of fullness of thinning hairs. These products can work surprisingly well at creating the illusion of fuller hair

Some physicians advise their hair restoration patients to use such products to enhance the look of fullness in their transplanted areas. These products can also be used after surgery to hide the immediate surgery.  

Toppik Hair Loss Spray.


Toppik is an effective and safe product that covers up the scalp’s thinning areas.

It’s the way that Toppik accomplishes this that’s really unique. When applied it coats balding areas with tiny, microfiber "hairs". These microfiber hairs are composed of the same material as real hair, keratin. These microfiber hairs form a well blended mixture of real and microfiber hairs.

The product is safe and can be used for men as well as women with diffuse (overall and evenly spread) hair loss. Toppik’s users have claimed that it can’t be detected, even from two inches away.

Toppik washes out easily with any shampoo. It is available in 8 shades: Auburn, Black, Blonde, Dark Brown, Gray, Light Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown, and White.

This application process takes less than 30 seconds. Once Toppik is applied, the thousands of static electrically-charged microfibers intertwine with your own hair. These microfibers have been proven to stay firmly in place, regardless of harsh weather or wind.



This concealing cream has been a popular treatment for many years. Couvré works by reducing the contrast between your hair and your scalp. It immediately conceals balding on any part of the head.

According to its users, which include physicians and Hollywood celebrities, Couvré effectively hides the sight of the balding scalp. It works on a very subtle level, even if viewed very closely. And, it is safe to use following hair transplant surgery.

The cream doesn’t rub off or stain. And it’s not greasy or sticky. Users can safely exercise, sweat and even swim. Shampooing removes Couvré.



This spray works by reducing the contrast between your hair and scalp by bonding with the scalp and thinning hair. It does an excellent job of adding thickness and fullness to thinning hair, while reducing the contrast between thinning hair and scalp.

It is available in many different color shades. Prothik is also safe to use following hair transplant surgery.  

It does not rub off or run even after intense exercise or even swimming. Shampooing easily removes it.