Medical hair restoration - is it right for you?

Medical hair restoration - is it right for you?

Most men who are balding can benefit from medical hair restoration. Women can also benefit from hair restoration surgery if they are balding in concentrated areas similar to the classic “male pattern baldness”.

However, some people are better candidates for medical hair restoration or MHR than others and will achieve more dramatic hair restoration results. The two male hair transplant patients shown below illustrate how some patients, depending on the characteristics of their hair, can achieve a more dramatic improvement with fewer grafts.

Note that the man shown on the left recieved only 1860 grafts yet achieved a fuller look than the man on the right who did 2995 grafts.

hair transplant photos

Two Hair Transplant Sessions totaling 1860 grafts | Two Hair Transplant Sessions totaling 2995 grafts

This section will help you learn what you can realistically achieve with hair restoration surgery. It is important to have realistic expectations and to find a hair restoration physician who can meet or exceed your expectations.

Surgical hair restoration is largely a matter of "Supply and Demand".

male pattern baldness

The results you can achieve with medical hair restoration surgery are determined by several variables. But the critical variable is really a question of “supply and demand".

The supply of hair is how much bald resistant donor hair you have on the back and sides of your head. The demand is determined by how much bald area you want to cover and to what degree of fullness.

Consult with a Hair Restoration Physician.

To schedule a medical consultation to evaluate your options, contact a prescreened hair restoration physician. By meeting with an experienced medical hair restoration physician you will get a professional evaluation and a medical hair restoration plan (non surgical and or surgical), as well as an estimate of the total cost.