Robotic Assisted Follicular Unit Extraction and Automated Devices

Though similar to motorized follicular unit excision extraction (FUE) tools, robotic assisted and automated FUE extraction devices are more mechanical and make the physician's job easier by performing the necessary calculations and harvesting follicular units with minimal input from the operating surgeon.  These innovative devices have created a lot of interest and a lot of controversy surrounding their efficacy and the role of the operating physician.

As of now, there are only two systems that fall under the description of "automated" or "robotic assisted" extraction devices.  These include the ARTAS Hair Restoration System and the NeoGraft Hair Transplant Machine.  To learn more about each system, their reported benefits, limitations and controversies, click on the links above. 

To discuss the ARTAS, NeoGraft or FUE with veteran hair transplant patients or expert hair restoration physicians, visit the "Follicular Unit Extraction Forum".