Dr. De Freitas is an expert in performing Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). He's regarded as one of the world's best FUE surgeons. He performs dense-packed ultra-refined follicular unit grafting at an affordable price.

Dr. Rafael De Freitas has an excellent reputation online and among his peers as one of the world's best hair transplant surgeons. He is a perfectionist, constantly looking to improve and hone his surgical technique using minimally invasive, cutting-edge equipment. He and his experienced staff can perform large, densely packed mega-sessions of up to 60 grafts per cm2 when appropriate.

Why Choose Dr. De Freitas

Dr. De Freitas has a full-time exclusive hair restoration practice – Clinica De Freitas, based in beautiful Valencia, Spain. Dr. De Freitas is passionate about teaching and training. He works with a specialized head nurse who assists him in extracting the grafts. He has a full staff of nurses, nurse assistants, and pre and post-operative staff to assist their patients after surgery. He has a multi-lingual staff fluent in English, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, and Spanish.

Dr. De Freitas believes in taking an individual approach to each patient, individualizing all of his consultations, and taking the patient's specific individual goals into account when devising the surgical plan. He devises the surgical plan, designs the hairline, performs Follicular Unit Excisions with assistance from his lead nurse, and implants the grafts. Dr. De Freitas has a strict protocol for careful implantation. He does all of the implantations himself with the lion implanter controlling the depth, angle, and overall density of the procedure.

Dr. De Freitas performs FUE exclusively at his clinic. Dr. De Freitas uses a 0.75mm to 0.8mm motorized punch. He performs body hair transplants (BHT) when the patient has exhausted their scalp hair donor supply. Dr. De Freitas also performs eyebrow hair restoration for men and women. Dr. De Freitas has been performing hair transplant surgery and perfecting his technique since 2010, over a decade.

Dr. De Freitas Academic Credentials

Dr. Rafael De Freitas graduated from Medical School at the University of Extramadura, located in Spain. After completing higher surgical training and medicine from the University of Extramadura in Spain, he became certified in trichology and hair implantation by the University of Alcala - Madrid in 2013.

Dr. De Freitas has attended numerous workshops and workshop training, including Perfeccionamiento Tecnica (perfect technique) with Dr. Jose Lorenzo and the Italian Society of Hair Restoration in Rome, Italy, in 2012. He attended the 2nd Mediterranean FUE workshop with Dr. Jose Lorenzo and Dr. Alex Ginzburg in Madrid in 2013. He has attended numerous International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS) conferences all around the world. He attended the 21st annual scientific meeting in San Francisco, California, in 2013.


FUE, BHT, Beard Transplant, Eyebrow, Scar Repair, Bad HT repair, and Free Consultation and Prescription medication.

Patient Gallery

Front - before and after

Male - 1 sessions

Bald class: 3

NW2/3 GRAY AND VERY FINE HAIR - 3.220 Grafts

Front - before and after

Female - 1 sessions

Bald class: II

Woman - Hair line lowering – 2.372 Grafts

Frontal area before and after surgery

Male - 1 sessions

Bald class: 3

53 year old male with wavy hair, 3164 FUE

Patient discussions

Dr. Rafael de Freitas - 4.900 Grafts - 11.830 Hairs - FUE + DHI

Dr. Rafael de Freitas - 4.900 Grafts - 11.830 Hairs - FUE + DHI

08/30/2023 - 20:55

Sex: Male Age: 33 years old Level of alopecia: NW IV Hair characteristics: blond, straight and thin hair Surgical…

Dr. Rafael de Freitas - 2.389 Grafts - FUE + DHI

Dr. Rafael de Freitas - 2.389 Grafts - FUE + DHI

03/15/2023 - 23:43

Patient´s details Sex: Male Age: 36 years old Level of alopecia: NW II - III Hair characteristics: blond, straight…


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