Dr. Kulakarn and her experienced staff perform quality follicular unit grafting with consistently high yield and natural results.

Dr. Kulakarn performs FUT and FUE regularly in her practice. Dr. Kulakarn uses a 0.9-0.95 punch. She tailors the punch depending on the patient's hair characteristics and whether the hair is harvested from the scalp or beard. She performs long hair FUE, beard hair transplants (BHT), and Eyebrow restoration using the Mamba trivellini device. Dr. Kulakarn performs one surgery per day but can perform up to 2 surgeries if she's restoring eyebrows or performing a beard hair transplant. 

Dr. Kulakarn harvests all the grafts herself for FUE; she creates the pre-made slits, and the grafts are sorted, and her team of skilled nurses implants 80% of the grafts. She finishes the last 20% of implantation herself using the stick-and-place method. She only uses the stick and place method for temple peaks because implanters cannot create a flat enough angle as manual implantation. She follows the same process for eyebrows. 

Dr. Kulakarn is a Thai board-certified plastic surgeon with impressive academic credentials and degrees from renowned institutions. She had focused on surgical hair restoration since 2009 when she joined the DHT clinic with Elite Coalition surgeon Dr. Path. Dr. Path spearheaded follicular unit grafting and pioneered ultra-refined hair transplant surgery in Thailand. Dr. Kulakarn performed surgery alongside Dr. Path from 2009 to 2012. She has been performing hair transplants at her clinic (BHI Clinic) since 2012, where she has flourished and achieved excellent results.

Patient Gallery

Frontal Timeline

Male - 1 sessions

Bald class: 5

Shaven FUE 3,009 FUGs with PRP , Dr. Kulakarn Amonpattana - BHI Clinic (Bangkok, Thailand)

Frontal Before and After

Male - 1 sessions

Bald class: 5

3,661 grafts FUT hair transplantation ,Dr. Kulakarn Amonpattana - BHI Clinic (Bangkok, Thailand)

Front view

Male - 1 sessions

Bald class: 6

Dr. Kulakarn Amonpattana - BHI Clinic (Bangkok, Thailand)/ 3,034 FUG graft done by FUE [ Shaven] and intraoperative PRP


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