Dr. Kulakarn Amonpattana - BHI Clinic (Bangkok, Thailand)/ 3,034 FUG graft done by FUE [ Shaven] and intraoperative PRP

Procedure detail


Patient’s information

- 60 YO Asian male with AGA Class 6. He refuses medical treatment for hair loss and looks for hair transplantation and options other than medicine.

 - Underlying medical history: Hypertension with good control. Some spots of seborrheic dermatitis on both parietal area.


We performed a shaven FUE procedure and PRP[Platelets-rich plasma injection]. The machine usage was Trivellini’s MAMBA. The punch size was 0.95 mm, and the flare tip. The implanting method by implanters.

The hairline was drawn in adult maturing fashion as the patient reached his 60s already.

At the number of 3k, we focus mainly on the half front.


The number of grafts breaks down into

1 hair graft x 478

2 hair graft x 1,978

3 hair graft x 578

Total  = 3,034 FUG

The ratio of hair per graft =  2.03

Bald class

Bald class 6

Norwood stage 6

The balding areas at the temples join with the balding area at the vertex. The band of hair across the top of the head is gone or sparse.

Front view

Frontal Before and After

Down View

Frontal Down View Before and After

Side View

Side View Before and After

Side View

Side View After

Graft Placement

Graft Placement Shaven