Dr. Zarev performs gigasession hair transplant surgery with an extremely high yield and density. He can restore extreme cases of baldness with density and coverage.

Dr. Zarev performs FUE solely in his practice. Dr. Zarev uses a customized tiny punch to extract a large number of follicular units without causing an aesthetic dilution to the donor area. He rarely performs body hair transplantation (BHT), but he has in exceptional cases where the patient no longer has viable scalp hair. Dr. Zarev can extract up to 60% of the donor area using a micro-camera and in-depth quantitative assessment of the safe donor area.

Dr. Zarev requires the patient to see him in person for an in-depth assessment and a custom approach to meet their hair restoration goals. He handles all of his consultations and plans, designs every procedure, and extracts and implants all the grafts. He performs every part of the procedure with the utmost attention to detail and finesse. This attention to detail is evident in the final results. 

Dr. Zarev has become synonymous with FUE gigasessions. He has multiple patients with over 10,000 grafts, all via FUE, using only scalp hair. But he is not only a surgeon who performs large gigasessions. He also has top-notch hairline work and repairs. 


Patient Gallery

Before and After

Male - 1 sessions

Bald class: 6

7,339 FUE scalp grafts, one session, 10 months after the session

Top down and Side View before and after

Male - 2 sessions

Bald class: 7

9680 Scalp Grafts FUE Norwood 7 No Medication

Before and After

Male - 4 sessions

Bald class: 6

13110 Scalp Grafts FUE Norwood 6 10 Year Restoration


Dr. Zarev

Bul. Simeonovsko Shose 97K Sofia Bulgaria

+359 879 191 191