36 year old male, FUE procedure - 3010 grafts

Procedure detail

Age: 36 years old
Level of alopecia: Norwood III - Diffuse.
Hair characteristics: White / grey, straight and thick hair.
Surgical plan: Hair line, entrances and central area have been restores in two days of intervention.
Grafts breakdown:
1 Grafts 523 = 523 Hairs.
2 Grafts 1272 = 2544 Hairs.
3 Grafts 1084 = 3252 Hairs.
4 Grafts 131 = 524 Hairs.
Grafts 3010 - Hairs 6843

Total: 3010 Grafts - 6843 cabellos.
Average: 2,27 Hairs/Graft.

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Bald class

Bald class 3V

Norwood stage 3 Vertex

In terms of the receding hairline, stage 3 vertex balding is a less drastic version of stage 3.
However, people experiencing stage 3 vertex balding will also begin losing hair on the crown of their head. This often starts as one small bald spot.

Front - before and after

Before and after FUE procedure of 3010 grafts.

Crown of patient

Top view, before and after FUE

Left view

Left view showing excision locations, implanted follicles and after result.

Right view of patient

Right view, showing donor area and recipient planning along with the after result.

Frontal view post op

Recipient area showing closer view of grafts.