Hair transplant procedure before and after result photos with 2072grafts

Procedure detail

This is a 31 year old man with Class III-V hair loss who received a hair transplant by Dr. Parsa Mohebi @parsamohebimd
. We focused on the temporal points and crown areas of the scalp and covered it with 2,072 follicular unit grafts. 
FUE Hair Transplant was done with 2,072 follicular unit grafts.  These photos are before and eight months postoperative.


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Bald class

Bald class 3V

Norwood stage 3 Vertex

In terms of the receding hairline, stage 3 vertex balding is a less drastic version of stage 3.
However, people experiencing stage 3 vertex balding will also begin losing hair on the crown of their head. This often starts as one small bald spot.

Front view - Before and after hair restoration procedure

2072 grafts shown from the front, viewing before and after pictures.

 after photos

with 2072 grafts displayed from the left, viewing preoperative and postoperative photographs.

 before and after photos

Hair transplant procedure with 2072 grafts displayed from the right, viewing before and after images.