Dr. Mani Mittal provides customized hair restoration plans for each patient. He's involved in every step of the procedure and consistently provides high-quality results with high growth rates at a reasonable rate.

Dr. Manish Mittal has become a sought-after surgeon, being at the forefront for celebrities, Ultra High Net-worth individuals, and those seeking natural, long-lasting results done discreetly.

Known to his patients as Dr. Mani, he focuses on one patient per day. He feels this gives him total control over the procedure in a non-rushed format. He prides himself on participating in every aspect of the procedure, from extracting the grafts, the incisions, and the implanting. He is hands-on throughout.

Dr. Mittal's philosophy is simple: All patients should have a surgeon-led treatment plan, and the surgery should be performed by the surgeons and not delegated to technicians. He tailors his treatment plans for each patient, so no patient is put on a cookie-cutter treatment plan, and he rejects 70-80% of patients who enquire initially for a hair transplant surgery. This can be because they are too young and have yet to try any stabilizing medication, their hair loss is too aggressive, or they have unrealistic expectations of what a single surgery can yield in terms of outcomes. He will always conduct a detailed medical consultation and, where possible, recommends visiting him in person before surgery to properly evaluate donors and mark treatment areas so that patients and the surgeon's vision of what can be achieved are congruent.

Coming from a surgical background, although seemingly counter-intuitive, he truly believes surgery should only be considered a last resort. He will ensure all other non-surgical options have been discussed and trialed in appropriate patients before patients embark on the hair transplant journey.

Dr. Mittal has become one of the most consistent surgeons, particularly in the U.K., where low-cost hair mills pop up daily. He has performed over 2000 procedures, has considerable experience in FUE, and does less FUT now.

His work is conservative where needed and more aggressive in select cases.

On average, he does procedures over a day, a maximum of 2200-2500 grafts in a single session. This leaves patient parachutes and plenty of grafts in the bank should they need further surgery.

He is noticing a trend as more females want a transplant, which has become 10% of his caseload, from eyebrows to lowering hairlines.

For eyebrows, he offers completely unshaven FUE and can do a maximum of 1000 grafts of unshaven fue in a session.

There has been a surge in poor outcomes in the U.K. and a spike in repair cases from some of the more budget clinics springing up all over the U.K.

He has attended several hair transplant conferences and uses the best technology in class.

Patient Gallery

Front before and after FUE surgery

Male - 1 sessions

Bald class: 3

Partial Shave FUE - 2340 Grafts - Dr Manish Mittal, London - 10/01/23

Front before and after FUE surgery

Male - 1 sessions

Bald class: 3V

My great experience with Dr Manish Mittal Fine Blonde Hair Patient

Front before and after FUE surgery

Male - 1 sessions

Bald class: 3

2,200 Grafts Norwood 3 Fine Blonde Hair Patient

Patient discussions

Pre op, 14 days and 6 weeks post op.

Pre op, 14 days and 6 weeks post op.

09/02/2023 - 10:39

2100 Grafts. Happy with the progress, redness has completely got and can already see a small amount of growth.

Assessing Dr Manish Mittal's Work

Assessing Dr Manish Mittal's Work

08/21/2023 - 20:39

Hi everyone Currently assessing this surgeons work and I need advice. I'm sure some of us are aware most of his…


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