3,038 Grafts FUE Norwood IIIV Dr. Gur

Procedure detail

Patient Details

Surgical Plan: Hairline reconstruction, density increase in the frontal area and crown. The surgery was performed in 1 day. 3038 grafts were implanted in total, 403 of them in the hairline, 2295 in the frontal and the rest in the crown

0.9 mm motorized punch was used for the extraction. Graft Breakdown
1s: 405
2s: 1621

3s y 4s: 1012
Overall hair/graft ratio: 2.09

Bald class

Bald class 3V

Norwood stage 3 Vertex

In terms of the receding hairline, stage 3 vertex balding is a less drastic version of stage 3.
However, people experiencing stage 3 vertex balding will also begin losing hair on the crown of their head. This often starts as one small bald spot.