2910 Grafts Norwood IIIV

Procedure detail

Patient Details

Surgical Plan: Hairline reconstruction, density increase in the frontal area and crown. The surgery was performed in 1 day. 2910 grafts were implanted in total, 402 of them in the hairline, 2408 in the frontal and the rest in the crown

Patient age: 44 years old
0.8 mm motorized punch was used for the extraction. Graft Breakdown
1s: 402
2s: 1436
3s y 4s: 1974
Overall hair/graft ratio: 2.3

Bald class

Bald class 3V

Norwood stage 3 Vertex

In terms of the receding hairline, stage 3 vertex balding is a less drastic version of stage 3.
However, people experiencing stage 3 vertex balding will also begin losing hair on the crown of their head. This often starts as one small bald spot.