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Hair Transplant Videos by Dr. Edmond Griffin

Male Hair Transplant Patient Testimonial

In this hair transplant video, one of Coalition member Dr. Edmund Griffin's patients provides a testimonial about his hair restoration experience and results. Watch this video to view his results.

Male | Caucasion | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Tribute to Dr. Edmund Griffin

This hair transplant video features one of Dr. Griffin's patients sharing his opinion on his hair transplant experience and Coalition member Dr. Griffin.

He states, "Not only is Dr. Edmund Griffin a great artist of moving hair around a person's head to create a finer sense of self-esteem, but he is also a kind and generous man whose character and professionalism exudes throughout his staff."

Male | Caucasion | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Hair Transplant Patient Testimonial in Atlanta

Atlanta hair restoration patient gives a testimonial of his hair transplant experience with Coalition member Dr. Edmond I Griffin

Male | Caucasion | FUT/Strip |

Hair Restoration Before & After Photos

The Griffin Center for Hair Restoration and Research in Atlanta, GA displays hair restoration (transplant) before and after surgery patient photos.