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Hair Transplant Videos by Dr. James E. Vogel

Meet Dr. Vogel and His Staff and Hear Hair Transplant Patient Testimonials

In this hair transplant video, patients of Baltimore plastic surgeon Dr. James Vogel share their personal surgical experience. Also, hear from Dr. Vogel regarding his philosophy on plastic surgery, hair transplantation and meet some of his staff members.

Video Tour of Dr. Vogel Hair Transplant Cinic

In this hair transplant video, Dr James E. Vogel and his dedicated staff proudly welcome and give you a guided tour of their fully certified & state licensed surgical center. Watch this video to learn more about Dr. Vogel and his experienced staff.

Dr. Vogel Discusses Today's Hair Transplants Versus Hair Plugs

In this video, Coalition member Dr James Vogel, a plastic surgeon practicing in Baltimore, Maryland discusses the process of hair restoration treatment for patients. Today's hair transplantation is completely natural compared to the old days of "hair plugs". Thousands of individual hair grafts are transplanted in order to produce a natural, refined looking result.

Walter's Hair Transplant Procedure and Testimonial - Dr. Vogel

In this hair restoration video, Dr. Vogel's patient Walter shares his decision and experience with hair restoration. Everyone Walter tells is completely surprised that he had a hair transplant because it looks so natural.

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Hair Transplant Patient Paul's Testimonial - Hair Loss - Dr. Vogel

In this hair transplant video, Paul, an attorney in the College Park area of Maryland shares his experience with balding as well as the decision to Baltimore plastic surgeon Dr James Vogel for hair transplantation surgery. Paul is very satisfied with his results and feel they look and appear very natural. Watch this video to view this patient's results and hear all about his experience.

Male | Caucasion | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Patient Testimonials Exceptional Patient Care - Dr. Vogel

In this hair restoration video, several plastic cosmetic surgery patients of Dr. James E Vogels in Baltimore Maryland share their experiences and feedback from interacting with him and his exceptional clinical and surgical staff.

Correction of Old "Hair Plugs" by Dr. Vogel

In this hair transplant video, Dr. James Vogel discusses how today's state of the art hair restoration surgery can not only restore hair to a man or women with thinning hair or balding, but can also be used to correct old "hair plugs".


Can Women Undergo Hair Transplantation? By Dr. Vogel

In this hair restoration video, Dr. James Vogel of Baltimore, Maryland discusses why hair transplantation isn't just for men, but can be an effective hair restoration method for women with hair loss as well.

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