Hasson and Wong / Dr. Hasson / 5,225 grafts / FUE / frontal zone and mid-scalp / meds for crown / 1 year post-op


This Vancouver area patient in his early 40’s came to us based on a friend’s friend who had a great result at our clinic. Dr. Hasson and team transplanted a total of 5,225 grafts over 2 days using the FUE method of extraction to restore the necessary areas of the frontal zone and mid-scalp. On day one, 2,500 grafts were extracted of which 300 were single hair grafts, 1599 were doubles and 601 were 3-4 hair grafts. Day 2: 2205 doubles and 520 3-4 hair grafts. Medication was used to address the crown and it improved to a considerable degree.

This is a prime example of an effective strategy of restoring the frontal zone and mid-scalp to achieve the best cosmetic impact, while allowing medication to work on the crown. In this case, the patient began using topical finasteride and oral minoxidil at the time of the procedure. He can now decide if he is happy enough with the hair he has recovered in the crown or if he would like a smaller 2nd procedure to increase crown density. There is no question he is happy with the front and mid-scalp.

These photos were taken one-year post-op.