Dr. Turan - FUECAPILAR Clinic, NW Va-VI (2 surgeries approach), 4167 grafts


Hi Everyone,

we would like to present below a case of a patient with a Norwood Va-VI level. The first surgery was planned to focus on the hairline, frontal and mid scalp (including upper vertex). The Crown area will be worked on a second surgery. You can find below the details of the surgery.

Patient Details

Surgical Plan: Hairline reconstruction, density increase in the frontal, fronto-temporal, mid scalp and upper vertex. The surgery was performed in two consecutive days with 4 sessions of extraction and implantation .

Patient´s age: 35 years old. Patient was using finasteride and minoxidil prior to the surgery and he continued afterwards.

Hair Thickness: average to coarse hair thickness.

Hair Type: caucasian, dark brown, straight hair.

Number of Grafts Implanted: 4167 grafts, from which 2115 grafts were implanted in the hairline and frontal area. And the rest in the mid scalp and upper crown area.

0.8mm micromotor and manual punch were used for the extraction.

Grafts Breakdown from donor area grafts

1s: 815

2s: 1636

3s: 982

4s: 734

Overall hair/graft ratio: 2.40