Dr. Gur - FUECAPILAR Clinic, Norwood III, 2648 grafts


Hi Everyone,

we would like to present below a case of a patient at Norwood III stage. Below you can find the results 12 months after the first surgery.

Patient Details: 29 years old patient. The patient was using using finasteride prior to the surgery.

Surgical Plan: Hairline reconstruction, density increase in the frontal, and fronto-temporal area. The surgery was performed in 1 day , 350 single grafts were implanted in the hairline and the rest in the frontal and fronto-temporal area.

Hair type: caucasian, dark brown and average hair thickness.

0.9mm motorised punch was used for the extraction.

Graft Breakdown
1s: 350
2s: 950
3s y 4s: 1348

Overall hair/graft ratio: 2.37