Eugenix Hair Sciences Clinic | Long-term Hair Transplant Results | Norwood Grade 5A | 84 Months Hair Transplant Results…


52 years old

Norwood 5A grade of baldness

Medium caliber hair

Strong follicular units


In this patient case, we initially decided to adopt a one-step approach to treat his baldness, classifiable as grade 5A in the Norwood scale.

The surgery took place on 18th November 2016, when we implanted 3,000 grafts by using DHT to restore the patient's hairline and frontal scalp area.


Slits were made through Needles and a CTS blade, and Scoring and extractions were executed with motorized punches and immediately implanted into the recipient area by using Sava implanters. The implanter tool used at the clinic gives the hair transplant doctor precise control over the depth, direction, and angle of each implanted follicle, resulting in an enhanced natural appearance and density. The primary advantage of DHT is its ability to minimize the time grafts spend outside the body, thus potentially increasing the survival rate of the hair follicles in hair transplant.

No. of Grafts: 3,000

Technique: DHT (Direct Hair Transplant)

Donor area: Scalp


Natural-looking hairline and frontal even after 84 Months

Donor aesthetics maintained

100% Natural hairline