Revitalizing Radiance: Dr. Rahal's Remarkable FUE Transformation - 2982 Grafts, 5925 Hairs…

Dear forum members,

Here begins the journey of a patient who underwent an FUE hair transplant procedure in September 2022, performed by Dr. Rahal. The patient received 2982 grafts, resulting in 5925 beautiful hairs. The surgical breakdown covers various areas in meticulous detail.

Here's the breakdown of Follicular Units (FUs):

1-haired FUs: 467
2-haired FUs: 2096
3-haired FUs: 410
4-haired FUs: 9

The grand tally stands at 2982 grafts and a total of 5925 hairs.

Here are some additional surgical sundries

Zones Treated: 1, 2, 3
Recipient Area Size: 74cm²
Average Hairs per Graft: 1.98
Recipient Graft Density: 40.3 FU/cm²
Recipient Hair Density: 80 H/cm²
Hair Calibre: 55 Microns

At the time of the procedure, our patient was 29 years old and has been battling hair loss for approximately 6 years. He tried using finasteride before the surgery but didn't continue with it afterwards. He also experimented with Rogaine (minoxidil) but stopped due to dandruff issues.

His family history reveals that both his father's and mother's sides have a strong history of hair loss, as advanced as a Norwood 6 to 7.

Moving forward to today: he is incredibly pleased with his results and wants to show off his new thick, shiny hair and attractive hairline.

We value your thoughts and eagerly await any feedback or reflections you may have.



Wishing you continued confidence and fabulous locks on your journey.

Patient Advocate - Rahal Hair Transplant