4170 Grafts FUE Result – 10 months after – Dr Christina – HDC Hair Clinic


This is a 40 years old NW5 patient who wanted to fill up the front and top area. HDC Medical Team with Leading Physician being Dr Christina transplanted 4170 grafts in 2 consecutive days.

We would like to outline the following points for the photos that show the result below:

· Hairline has been designed in the most proper height and shape to achieve maximum naturality.

· All donor has been used and punched in two days to safeguard minimum trauma and equal distribution of extracted grafts. This will maintain the donor in its best status and enable it to give ultimately more grafts for transplantation.

· Grafts have been placed in the correct pattern and angulation for maximum naturality of the result.

· Examine the post op photos to see how much detail they show of the fine work done.

Hair transplantation is a lifetime investment in yourselves. Make this investment of your appearance and personality to the right Clinic!


Immediately after

10 Months after