Dr. Hasson / 2215 grafts / hairline / FUE / 1 year post-op


This Vancouver area patient in his late 20’s was wishing to rebuild a new hairline that would also reduce some of the recession in the corners. This goal was accomplished by a slight lowering of the hairline in the middle and more on the sides to reduce the frontal temporal angles.

He was using finasteride prior to the procedure but Dr. Hasson suggested that given his modest estimated final hair loss pattern, medication was not deemed essential and the decision whether to continue or stop its use was up to him. Donor supply would most likely far exceed any potential future demand.

Hair texture was medium and donor hair was above average. 2215 grafts using the FUE method of extraction were needed and 315 of those were singe hair grafts, 1,266 were doubles, and 634 were 3-4 hair grafts. These photos were taken 1-year post-op.