How Much Should You Pay For Your First Hair Transplant?

How Much Should You Pay For Your First Hair Transplant?

By Melvin Lopez
Created Tuesday, February 8, 2022 - 09:23

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Unless you're a millionnaire, the cost will inevitably be a factor when selecting a hair transplant surgeon. The biggest problem we have in the hair transplant industry is the spread of black market clinics. These clinics prey on vulnerable patients, who are usually young men and women with limited funds. In this article, find out what a reasonable price is for a hair transplant performed by an actual surgeon and how to avoid common low-cost pitfalls that leave thousands of patients scarred each year. 

Hair Transplant Surgeons vs. Hair Transplant Technicians

There is a difference between going to an actual doctor who performs the surgery, for example, graft extraction, recipient site creation, and even implantation. You will pay a higher cost when you go to a surgeon who performs the surgery. If you don't know anything about hair transplants, this may sound strange. You may be thinking to yourself, of course, the surgeon should perform the surgery. Unfortunately, that isn't the case at low-cost black market clinics. 

Now, we're not discrediting hair transplant technicians. There are very talented and skilled technicians that can perform various parts of the surgery under doctor supervision. The key is under doctor supervision. The problem at these low-cost clinics is number one, the technicians have little to no experience, and number two, they're not supervised by a physician. While Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a minimally invasive procedure, it is still surgery. You are given anesthesia with various medications that could cause a reaction. There needs to be a medically trained physician supervising the entire procedure. 

Cost Varies By Region and Surgeon

The cost will vary depending on the region and the surgeon. In the United States and Canada, an acceptable cost per graft for FUE is anywhere between $5-10. For Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS), the average cost per graft is $4-7, significantly more than FUE. Any cheaper than $4-5 per graft, and you will fall into serious quality concerns. In Latin America, i.e., Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, the average cost is between $1-2 per graft. Any cheaper than this, and you will again be falling into serious quality concerns. 

Also, another factor to remember is that the standards for medical care in different third-world countries may be drastically different. Remember, you might not have any recourse if anything terrible happens during or after your surgery. Aside from North America, very few in the world regularly perform strip surgery. 

In Europe, the average cost per graft for FUE is between 2-6 Euros. In the middle east, including Turkey, the average cost per graft is between $1-4 per graft. In Asia, including India, the average price is $1-5, depending on the clinic and surgeon. Not all surgeons are created equal. Their skill, experience varies widely, as do their results. 

How Much Should You Pay For Your First Surgery?

No one can give you an exact price because it depends on how many grafts you need and where you decide to have your surgery. For example, if you require 2,000 grafts and you choose a surgeon in Mexico that charges $2 per graft, your cost would be $4,000. Conversely, if you need 2,000 grafts and you select a surgeon in North America that charges $8 per graft, your cost will be $16,000. 

You might wonder why anyone would choose a more expensive surgery, and again, it comes down to RESULTS. Some of the world's best surgeons reside in North America. These Hair Restoration Physicians have thousands and thousands of happy patients. Not everyone wants to travel, go through TSA with their head bandaged up, and the convenience factor is HUGE for many wanting to keep their surgery under wraps, no pun intended. 


It's impossible to tell anyone how much a hair transplant will cost without knowing the extent of their hair loss, their personal goals, and where they plan on getting their procedure done. The easiest way to know how many grafts you'll need to restore your hair loss and to get an approximate cost with qualified-pre-approved international hair transplant surgeons is to submit virtual consultations here