How To Choose The Right Hair Transplant Surgeon

How To Choose The Right Hair Transplant Surgeon

By Melvin Lopez
Created Wednesday, September 28, 2022 - 23:34

Co-Publisher and Forum Moderator for the Hair Transplant Network

Choosing the right hair transplant surgeon is crucial. On the internet, you won't find one surgeon who will tell you their work is mediocre at a very high cost. Instead, you'll find surgeons who claim to be the best at a low price. Cost is not an indicator of quality. So how do you navigate the minefield that is the internet? Well, that's what we're going to do in this article. 

How To Research Surgeons

You may think googling "hair transplant surgeons *your area" is a smart way to go, WRONG. If you google surgeons in your area, the first hits will be advertisements. After that, you may get some chain clinics that spend considerable money on search engine optimization (SEO). 

Forget about google and use the Hair Restoration Network. The Hair Restoration Network has been around for over two decades. There are thousands of honest reviews and information posted by actual patients. The advanced search page is the hair transplant industries google. You can research any surgeon going back twenty years. The community has gathered a list of approved surgeons over twenty years based on their reviews, results, techniques, and credentials. The list of approved surgeons is a great starting point. 

How To Select Between Surgeons

If you've researched the Hair Restoration Network and found a list of qualified doctors if you're having trouble deciding between them. Take it one step further and speak to actual patients. Researching reviews is a good start, but speaking to patients is even better. The Hair Restoration Network allows you to send private messages once you've reached a certain amount of reputation. Take advantage and ask patients about their experiences.

Consult with hair restoration physicians in person. There is no replacement for in-person visits. Logistically, this may not be possible for every surgeon, but video consultation is the second-best thing. Once you consult with surgeons, ask them about your goals, and provide examples, you will easily find which surgeon best suits your goals. Submitting virtual consultations is easy. You can submit several at a time by clicking here


Finding the right surgeon is not easy. It takes a great deal of time and research. Don't fall victim to slick marketing and advertisements. Social media isn't the best place to research. You need to look at honest reviews posted by actual patients. Do not rush. If you have been balding for years, a few months will not make a difference. If a surgeon tells you they can fit you in immediately and give you a discount, that should be a red flag. If a surgeon tells you that they cannot provide examples of their work because of privacy, that's a red flag. If you don't see any reviews from a surgeon, that is another red flag.