Hair transplant before and after - 31 year old NW 6

Procedure detail

This is a 31 year old gentleman with a NW 6 pattern and a strong family history of the same. He underwent a HT procedure 10 months ago. He has been put on finasteride every other day just prior to his HT. He had a total number of 2900 grafts done over two days. The areas transplanted were his frontal and mid scalp zones. The plan is to transplant the crown once his pattern stabilizes. We were quite conservative with the numbers due to his advanced pattern, dipping crown and the fact that he is considering a beard transplant too in the future. We though we would try and reduce the numbers needed. His hairline design went above his native hair also to reduce preserve the numbers. His old native hair in his hairline gave a nice additional naturalness to his hairline. Nonetheless, if those native hairs go, then he will still have a natural and realistic hairline. 
Single hairs: 460 (400 ultra refined in hairline)
Hairs/follicle 2.55
Punch diameter: 0.8 mm

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Bald class

Bald class 6

Norwood stage 6

The balding areas at the temples join with the balding area at the vertex. The band of hair across the top of the head is gone or sparse.

Front - before and after,

Front - before and after with appropriate hair line.

Left view

Left view of patient, before and after surgery.

Right view of patient

Right view of patient

Top - planning and immediate post-op

Top view in the planning stage and immediate post-op

top of head after procedure

Top view of patient, showing natural and refined hair line.