Hair transplant procedure before and after result photos with 1132 grafts

Procedure detail

Hi, all.  I haven’t posted here much since my last procedure in 2015, but happy to share an update with everyone about my latest surgery.  As background, I had my first transplant with Dr. Robert Niedbalski in June 2012.  I was a NW 2-3, and he transplanted 1,450 grafts via strip to form a lower, but still recessed, hairline.  I wanted a flat hairline, so I had a subsequent procedure with Dr. Rahal in October 2015, when he transplanted 2,200 grafts, again via strip.  The hairline design was great, but the right side grew in a little sparse.  Nothing awful, and I could’ve gone without addressing it, but I wanted to go back to the well for a fuller hairline.  I just turned 36, BTW.  I've been on Avodart and Propecia for six years and essentially no longer lose hair--my loss is fully halted. I use Rogaine but discontinued before surgery per instructions.

Links to thread about my earlier procedures are here:

, last week I drove from Seattle down to Portland for a third procedure--this time with Steve Gable.  I’ve known Dr. Gabel for about five years and have really looked forward to working with him.  He’s a precise, thoughtful guy, and I knew he’d be a great choice to refine my results.

I left Seattle at 3am to check in at Dr. G’s clinic at 6:30.  His clinic just moved to a brand-new facility, and it’s gorgeous--two ORs, a lovely lobby, and overall just a great, clean, attractive space. 

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Bald class

Bald class 2

Norwood stage 2

There is a slight recession of the hairline around the temples. This is also known as an adult or mature hairline.

Front view - Before and after

1132 grafts shown from the front, viewing before and after pictures.

Top view - Before and after hair restoration results

using 1132 grafts viewed from the top, displaying before and after photos.

Before and after hair transplantation result photographs

with 1132 grafts displayed from the left, viewing preoperative and postoperative photographs.

Hair transplantation surgery before and after images

Hair transplant procedure with 1132 grafts displayed from the right, viewing before and after images