HDC clinic in Cyprus, Dr. Christina FUE 3204 grafts for NW4

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Bald class

Bald class 4

Norwood class 4

Characterized by further frontal hair loss and enlargement of vertex, but there is still a solid band of hair across the top (mid-scalp) separating front and vertex.

Hairline density

3,204 grafts were placed via FUE to restore an entire frontal hairline.

side profile comparison

Dr. Christina placed 3,204 grafts via FUE; here is the side-by-side comparison.

Graft placement and donor

Here is the before and after of a patient's donor and graft placement after 3,204 grafts via FUE with Dr. Christina at HDC Clinic.

Frontal Hairline

Before Frontal Hairline.

Before side profile

Before side hairline.

Before side profile

Before side frontal hairline

6 months after surgery

6 months after surgery side profile

Comb through hairline

Hairline density after surgery.

Hairline exposure

Frontal hairline exposed, showing fantastic artistry post-surgery.