3400 FUE grafts by Dr. Christina at HDC clinic for NW6 paitent, post 9 months result

Procedure detail

3400 FUE grafts by Dr. Christina and HDC medical team for our patient Barney Duly 46 years old NW6 class, at the consultation we agreed to have 2 surgeries so the doctor will preserve the donor without overharvesting it, post 9 months result for the hairline and frontal area with some of the top area, Barney came back a week ago to do his 2nd procedure for the crown, since the donor area is average the clinic took a conservative approach yet with a natural look and a satisfied density that was promised at the consultation, the clinic will update with the crown result.

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Bald class

Bald class 6

Norwood stage 6

The balding areas at the temples join with the balding area at the vertex. The band of hair across the top of the head is gone or sparse.