Mid 30's hair transplant of 2807 FUE grafts

Procedure detail

We present the case of Matt who underwent FUE hair transplant by Dr Arshad at the Hair Dr Clinic in West Yorkshire (UK).
Matt is in his Mid 30's with a higher than average donor density.
The before and after at 12 month follow up can be seen. A video with the a comb though and hair wet is also included.
FUE graft breakdown:
Ultra-refined soft single FU's - 105
Single FU's - 478
Double FU's - 1256
Triple/+ FU's -968

Total = 2807

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Bald class

Bald class 3V

Norwood stage 3 Vertex

In terms of the receding hairline, stage 3 vertex balding is a less drastic version of stage 3.
However, people experiencing stage 3 vertex balding will also begin losing hair on the crown of their head. This often starts as one small bald spot.

Front - before and after

Front - before and after

Crown of patient

Crown of patient - before and after surgery

Left view

Left side, before and after FUE surgery

Right view of patient

Right view of patient