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<p><p>My hair started to slowly recede 19. I was under a lot of stress at the time and I think that may have ignited it. Although I have a genetic disposition to a receding hairline because of my biological dad. </p><p><br /></p><p>I first I was in denial. It got to the point where I had a very pronounced U-shape and that's when I started to panic. This was one of the most traumatic experiencing I have ever been through. At that point I began Rogaine. Several months after that the U-shape lessened and all that was visible from a social distance were receding temples.</p><p><br /></p><p>About a year after that I began Propecia. 1 year later I had my first hair transplant. </p></p>

My Surgical Treatments to Date

3 years ago when my hairline started to recede, I tried as many noninvasive treatments as possible. After not seeing the results I had hoped for on those methods I knew I either had to accept the fact that I was slowly balding or get a hair transplant. At first the idea of a hair transplant scared me to death. I did a lot of research online about the procedure and heard at least twice as many horror stories rather than good ones. So, I finally decided to bite the bullet and go through with it. After interviewing several hair restoration docs, Dr. Charles was an EASY choice. Everyone else just seemed really phony and there wasn't much empathy or concern on their part. I read a lot of good things about Dr. Charles through this site and that helped a lot also. During the consultation, he explained to me step-by-step how the procedure would play out. We decided to go with 1500 grafts consisting of 1, 2, and 3 units of hair. 10 days later I found myself sitting in the surgical room. The hardest part of surgery was sitting there for so many hours. Directly after the surgery, he showed me the linear scar on the back of my head. I (and my stepdad who drove me there) were really surprised at what we saw. There was barely anything visible! It was honestly amazing. It's almost unbelievable at how detailed his work is. It's been four days since the procedure and you can't really tell anything has been done. One of my biggest fears was people being able to tell I had something done (not just in the long term, but during the recovery time also). I don't see that being an issue at all now. Which makes me really excited that it's all going to look natural. I'm definitely happy I went with Dr. Charles and have no regrets about the experience. I just hope what I have written here today will help others make a decision about surgery as this site was pretty much the deal breaker for me and in helping me choose with whom I'd be having it done by. 

My Non Surgical Treatments

<p>Been on Propecia for 1 year now. Been on Rogaine for about 2 years. Started laser therapy 5 months again. And 1 month ago starting taking Biotin 5000mg and Ginkgo. Propecia did not help re-grow hair but have noticed less loss. When I started laser treatment 5 months ago I decided to stop Rogaine (thinking that would be okay because laser treatment might compensate). Apparently I was wrong and have noticed excessive hair loss within the last 2 months especially. As of right now, I've made a decision to go back on Rogaine (Who knows, maybe this home "laser dome" I bought off the internet is making my hair loss worse). Laser certainly hasn't helped. But I think it has made my hair softer?? Who the heck knows.</p>

Bald Class

Bald class 3

Norwood class 3

The earliest stage of male hair loss. It is characterized by a deepening temporal recession.

killed my self confidence

propecia, rogaine

so far everything has been great. currently waiting for hairs to grow in

propecia, rogaine

only time will tell

research research research!