Dr. Bessam Farjo

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Hair transplant patient




Lost hair over a twenty year period. Pic was taken Feb 2010

My Surgical Treatments to Date

Dr Farjo, 01 07 2009

Total Grafts: 2134

Strip Size: 27 x 1.1 cms

Closure lower trichophytic

Number of 1 haired grafts: 324
Number of 2 haired grafts: 1606
Number of 3 or more grafts: 204

Bald Class

Bald class 5A

Norwood stage 5A

In stage 5A, the hairline continues to progress toward the back of the head.

Did not like to be bald.

Dr Farjo.

Yes very.

Dr Farjo.

Not really. Happy wih result. I often remark that I I lost my two front teeth that I would do something about it. The same situation applies to my hair.

Read others blogs and make sure you are happy withyou surgeon.

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Bald class: 5A
Procedure 1

Before Pics taken before surgery