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Obtaining a "Full Head of Hair" Through Hair Transplant Surgery

5/5/2017 9:20:50 AM

Today's hair transplant surgery is great but is it possible to undergo surgery and obtain a "full head of hair" that mimicks nature and a youthful appearance? Can surgical hair restoration achieve natural hair density and cover every centimeter of balding?

Hair transplant surgery is about re-creating the appearance and the illusion of density by strategically placing as much hair as possible from the donor area (hair on the sides and back of the scalp) to the recipient area (the balding area, typically in the hairline and on top of the scalp). In the majority of cases, the amount of hair available for transplanting on the sides and back of the scalp is far less than the amount of hair needed in the recipient area. Thus, most balding men and women can never fully achieve "true density", restoring a completely full look without at least a slight appearance of thinning under harsh lighting conditions. That said, the best of hair surgeons, such as those recommended on the Hair Transplant Network and Coalition physicians do an outstanding job of producing excellent results using world renown hair transplant techniques and state of the art tools.

But even the most talented, experienced and skilled hair restoration surgeons are limited in what they can achieve based on an individual's hair characteristics, degree of balding and available donor hair. Thankfully however, individuals with realistic expectations are typically very satisfied with their results after their hair transplant matures, which usually takes about 12 months. Some patients require more than one procedure to meet their goals and others require additional, subsequent procedure in order to keep up with their ongoing hair loss.

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