How Surgeons Are Recommended on The Hair Transplant Network

selecting hair restoration physician

There are a variety of websites, organizations, and coalitions that claim to recommend high-quality hair transplant surgeons, but the criteria used for acceptance is non-transparent. Therefore, prospective patients have no idea whether the surgeon they are selecting has been thoroughly vetted and screened for consistent quality. 

In this article, we will go over how surgeons are recommended and what it means to be approved by the Hair Transplant Network.

The Recommendation Process

Many hair transplant surgeons apply to be considered for recommendation, but many are rejected. In order to be considered for recommendation, the surgeon must be properly credentialed, skilled and experienced. 

Moreover, the surgeon must possess a long track record of producing consistent and excellent patient results. Once a surgeon is being considered they must provide their credentials, surgical experience and dozens of examples of their results. These include photos and /or videos.

After collecting extensive documentation the surgeon is publicly presented on the popular hair loss forum called the Hair Restoration Network. The members of the community and other recommended physicians are invited to participate and comment on the potential recommendation. This process makes the recommendation process completely transparent to the participants and visitors of the community.

If the community reaches a general consensus that the physician up for recommendation meets the high standards of the community, the physician is approved for recommendation. However, the continued recommendation of a physician is never guaranteed. 

Physicians must continue to show consistent excellent patient results in order to continue to be recommended. The Hair Transplant Network reserves the right to remove a surgeon from recommendation if their results and quality no longer meet the high standards of the community.

What It Means To Be Recommended By The Hair Transplant Network

The Hair Transplant Network has been at the forefront of creating standards in the hair transplant industry. In fact, prior to the formation of the Hair Transplant Network, there were no standards or recourse for patients. 

The Hair Transplant Network was created by patients, for patients. The surgeons who are approved for recommendation are thoroughly vetted screened by patients and physician colleagues. All of the surgeons that are approved agree to public scrutiny.

At times, surgeons may have to respond to dissatisfied patients publicly. This process keeps the patient and surgeon accountable and provides transparency to the community. 

Hair transplant surgeons who are recommended by the Hair Transplant Network demonstrate a commitment to continuously improve and refine their surgical techniques and have proven themselves to be tried and true.

Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

Coalition members are carefully reviewed and accepted for membership based on their integrity, skill, experience and surgical ability. Many surgeons perform Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), but only a few achieve ultra-refined results on a consistent basis. Coalition membership is granted for a select few that perform refined surgical hair restoration and achieve cosmetic density in one surgical session. 


Many organizations, boards, and coalitions exist, but none are as transparent as The Hair Transplant Network. Building an interactive community where patients can share their results, experiences and testimonials have driven the hair restoration industry to maintain a certain level of standards. 

Back in the '80s and 90's the hair restoration industry was unregulated. Many fly by night surgeons performed outdated borderline barbaric procedures on unsuspecting patients which left many permanently disfigured. 

However, those days are long gone because now patients can choose from pre-screened surgeons who have been vetted and proven to be excellent surgeons.