How To Decide On The Right Hair Transplant Surgeon

hair transplant surgeon

We've all seen the disasters that can occur from going to an unqualified hair transplant clinic/surgeon. In fact, the single most important factor to consider when undergoing hair transplant surgery is the surgeon selection. Thousands of surgeons claim to produce the best and most natural results, but truthfully only a select few perform high-quality surgery on a regular basis. In this article, we will go over how to decide on the right hair transplant surgeon.

What To Look Out For In A Hair Transplant Clinic

Since the inception of the internet, we have been bombarded articles, videos, reviews and no real way to discern with what is real and what is not. Unfortunately, many hair transplant clinics gain their clientele based on their slick advertisements and shady marketing tactics. 

Some clinics employ individuals who have never had hair transplant surgery, to pretend as if their hair is a result of a hair transplant performed by the clinic. If it sounds too good to be true, that's because it is. There are limitations associated with surgical hair restoration. A surgeon who promises the world, most times cannot deliver on those promises.

Patients should approach hair transplant surgeons with a healthy dose of skepticism. Trust isn't given, it is earned. This is especially true in the hair transplant industry. Hair transplant clinics that do not have a surgeon on-site at all times should be automatically crossed off the list. These clinics are referred to as "black market" clinics. 

Black market clinics refer to clinics who perform entire surgical procedures on patients without any doctor supervision. The entire procedure is carried out by unlicensed and in some cases untrained technicians.

Another thing patients need to look out for is the doctor involvement. Even if a doctor is on-site, the doctor may not participate in the surgery. Some hair transplant clinics will employ a doctor to consult with patients prior to surgery and perhaps even draw the hairline, but the entire surgery is still being performed by unlicensed technicians. These clinics still fall under the "black market' umbrella.

Hair Transplant Surgeon Accreditation and Track Record

It is important to verify that the particular hair transplant surgeon is accredited from a trustworthy organization. Many organizations provide their stamp of approval without any quality standards. The only requirement that a surgeon has to do to meet their approval is to pay a fee. 

The hair transplant network was created by patients, the standards required to gain approval are very stringent and only a select few are approved for recommendation. Surgeons must produce consistent results and have a high code of ethics in order to be recommended by the Hair Transplant Network.

After ensuring that a hair transplant surgeon is accredited and belongs to an organization with high standards, patients need to look at their track record. The physician's track record will showcase their skill, talent, and experience. Every hair transplant clinic can look like a 5-star clinic when promoting themselves and their results, but how are their results when presented by real patients. 

Since the early 2000's popular hair loss forums like the Hair Restoration Network have been the number one destination for individuals researching hair transplant surgeons. Hair loss forums give real patients the opportunity to track their progress and share their experience with other hair loss sufferers. 

In addition, this provides individuals with invaluable information about a particular clinic/surgeon. The consistency, results, and ethics of the hair transplant clinics are accurately demonstrated on the forum by unbiased hair transplant patients.


While flashy commercials can be enticing, the real results of a clinic can never be known by marketing or advertising alone. Patients need to speak with other patients in order to see an unbiased patient prospective. In addition, patients should be looking for high-quality hair transplant pictures and video to compare with other hair transplant clinic results. 

That said, the hard work and heavy lifting have been done by the hair transplant network. Selecting a pre-screened hair transplant surgeon gives patients the confidence in knowing that the surgeon has been vetted and has demonstrated a long track record of producing excellent patient results.